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Search engine optimization means improving the volume or quality of web sites for search engine or users. It can be describe as a promotion of your website on internet. Search engine optimizers are the people who implement the two processes of search engine optimization which are given below.

1. On-page optimization

On-page optimization is related to the optimization of website structure or content which is on the page of the website. In this process we normally play with the HTML of the website e.g. we edit title or Meta tags.

2. Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is kind of strategy for search engine optimization. Off-page optimization can be refer to link building for the website. There are various techniques for link building like blogging, directory listing etc.


What is Bing ? Well, its a new web search engine on internet. Formerly its was a MSN Search or Live Serach. It is advertise as a decision engine. It went only on 3rd June 2009. Bing is actually a replacement of Live Search. There are some major changes which includes listing of search suggestions and list of related searches, based on semantic technology from PowerSet. It also includes the ability to Save & Share search histories via email,  Facebook and Windows LiveSky Drive. So this new search engine might get popular with the time with its new features and technology.

Happy searching on Bing !


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