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The deals between Microsoft and Yahoo is an officially a partnership. For 10 years, Microsoft will power yahoo searches while yahoo will sell adds. Microsoft will want to retrain yahoo’s traffic and sales. Alternatively, Yahoo continues to flail. Now a day’s Microsoft’s Bing search engine will at least be able to exploit Yahoo. Yahoo gave Google crucial revenue and visibility early in its growth, and will give a similar boost to Bing. If Yahoo is still around, Microsoft will simply walk away and leave yahoo to crawl into corner to die. In any case, it’s fun to see Yahoo Carol Bartz. Carol Bartz is the president and CEO of yahoo and managed the world second largest visited web site. Carol bartz said about Bing “I don’t know if Bing means a whole lot to Yahoo. I think people will go to Bing because they are curious. I think they will get some uplift, but people will keep their same habits.” She also said “In simple terms, Microsoft will now power Yahoo search while Yahoo will become the exclusive worldwide relationship sales force for both companies” In a new video, she says this deal gives Microsoft and Yahoo “the scale necessary to compete against Google, which dominates the market with 70% of all search.” On Wednesday Microsoft and Yahoo announced a 10-year search deal that will see the two companies join forces to take on Google. In my point of view yahoo and Microsoft can’t take down Google because Google dominates 70% market of all searches. But who knows the future, everything is possible.


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